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If you are in charge of creating a commercial, video game, or employee training video, voice over services may be necessary. More specifically, you may find you need accented voice overs for your project.

When that time comes, you should leave this job to the professionals. The accent you choose matters to your audience — avoid unintended consequences by obtaining accented voice over services from a reputable company.

Selecting the Right Accent

If you’ve made the decision to use a voice over for an upcoming project, the first thing you need to decide on is the kind of accent you want for your project. One major detail to think about is your audience. It’s vital that you choose the right voice over talent.

Consider which country most viewers live in, keeping in mind they will likely feel most comfortable hearing an accent that is similar to theirs.

Of course, if the character in your voice over project has been developed enough to have some history, you need to choose an accent that fits.

For example, if the character is supposed to be from New York City, it makes sense for him to have the appropriate fast-talking US accent. On the other hand, if the character is an immigrant from Puerto Rico who recently moved to New York, the accent will be different than the one for the native US citizen.

If you do feature foreign accents in your voice over project, make sure your audience can understand them. Unless you plan to have subtitles for viewers to read, it’s important that the accent you use is not so strong that the message is lost.

Again, use the voice over services of a professional in this industry for the best results.

Ensuring Accent Authenticity

Choosing a localization company that has been providing voice over services for years is a great way to get the results you need for your project.

Going this route will ensure that the accent you choose will sound clear and authentic, thereby enhancing your message. A localization company can provide you with a voice over actor who is comfortable acting with an accent that’s right for your project.

This is especially important if the accent will be similar to the one your audience has. Natives of an area can easily distinguish whether or not someone is from their country or even their specific region, simply due to their accent. When you try to pass off an accent in something like a commercial as being realistic when it is not, you risk alienating your audience.

A forced accent often results in discomfort and confusion among your viewers. Instead of paying attention to your message, they will be busy scrutinizing the voice over. Not only will your efforts and money be wasted, but you could also lose customers.

To allow for the best quality project and avoid embarrassing blunders, you should leave the accented voice overs to professionals offering these services.

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