About Accredited Language Services

Trusted Language Professionals Since 1983

ALS International, Inc. logoIn 1983 ALS International, Inc. was launched in the heart of New York City’s financial district. Our goal was and remains to provide reliable, certified translations as well as professional interpreting and transcription services in English as well as more than 200 other languages and dialects.

Since that time in support of that effort, we’ve developed a suite of multimedia services including voiceovers, subtitling, typesetting, printing, graphic design and desktop publishing. We’ve also added offices throughout the US and affiliates in Europe, Asia and South America.

Additional services include the provision of audio engineers and equipment for use in interpreting assignments; consultation on software, especially as it applies to the fields of language translation and interpretation; and preparation and placement of advertising in multiple languages.

But one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients and providing best-in-class language solutions.

What We Do

At Accredited Language, we cater to those industries that require a high level of sophistication in order to satisfy rigorous government requirements. This includes the life science industry, the banking and financial sector, and the food and agriculture industry.

Whether it’s the SEC, the FDA or the EMA, you can rely on the professionals at Accredited to deliver high-end, regulatory-compliant language solutions that meet your specific needs.

How We Do It

No matter how far technology advances, accurate language solutions still require human expertise. That’s why we ensure that every project at Accredited is handled by experienced, linguistic professionals who understand the regulatory requirements of their specific industry.

Our life science linguists have advanced degrees in medical fields and are HIPAA-compliant. Our certified banking and financial interpreters have experience in meetings and conferences of all sizes. And our graphic designers  are well-versed in both the language and culture of each target market.

Departmental Contacts

For multimedia services including voiceoverssubtitles, and captions please email us at:


Our Core Values

Personalized Service

We work with you to provide personalized services and customized solutions that meet your project's specific needs. Whether you're a private individual or a multinational company, you'll experience our personalized service from the first moment you speak to one of our professional account executives.

Quality Assurance

Our project teams which include project managers, translators, editors and proofreaders, are there to ensure your project is handled properly from the onset. They employ the most sophisticated translation and interpreting tools and processes, from cutting-edge technologies to language glossaries and style sheets. This results in more accurate, more consistent language solutions.

Quality Control

We are dedicated to continual improvement and innovation. That's why, after the completion of every project, we communicate both with our clients and our professional linguists and project teams. It's this commitment to excellence that has made us a leader in the translation and interpreting industry.

Our Involvement in Establishing Standards for LSPs

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