By: Kaytie On: October 14, 2019 In: Translation Comments: 0

The main aim of back-translation is to ensure accuracy. However, if your document has already been translated, edited and proofread by a professional translation company, back-translation may be unnecessary.

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By: Kaytie On: April 3, 2018 In: Medical, Translation Comments: 0

Patient service agreements demonstrate an understanding between patient and provider on issues such as consent, confidentiality and insurance. But what happens when a patient can't understand their service agreement?

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By: Kaytie On: December 6, 2017 In: Advertising & Marketing, Languages, Translation Comments: 0

For businesses, one of the most important aspects of communicating with customers is literally being able to talk with them -- that's why professional translation services are crucial to businesses with diverse customer bases.

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By: Kaytie On: September 14, 2016 In: Food & Agriculture, Translation Comments: 0

New changes to nutrition labels will affect serving sizes and labeling of sugars and nutrients.

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By: Kaytie On: September 8, 2016 In: Interpreting, Technology Comments: 2

Machine interpreting essentially combines two forms of previously existing technology: voice recognition software and machine translation.

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