Case Studies

Fostering International Bonds Through Interpretation

When a US financial institution and a group of Chinese executives wanted to open up trade markets, they trusted Accredited Language to provide professional, industry-specific interpreters to facilitate communication.

A US financial institution required language assistance to train executives from China in the application of sophisticated business techniques with the end goal of developing trade markets between China and the US. The scheduled training sessions would cover issues including the functionality of international exchanges, the necessary security protocols, and the effect of trade on the global market.

The overall task was two-fold. Firstly, the institution required the translation of the syllabus and related documents for discussion in a classroom setting, including PowerPoint presentations and handouts. Secondly, and most importantly, they needed professional interpreters familiar with the industry jargon who could work with the group in the classroom as well as facilitate smaller, study groups outside of the classroom where participants could communicate in their native language.

In order to provide this client with the solution that best fit their needs and budget, we first addressed the question of interpretation. We suggested that the client utilize simultaneous interpreters for the classroom, but rely on consecutive interpreters for the study groups. This would provide the most cost effective solution.  However, after discussing the importance of maintaining accurate communication throughout the entire training period, the client elected to use the same group of simultaneous interpreters for both the classroom and study group sessions. Although this option was more expensive, it proved advantageous in the long run.

After deciding on the type of interpreting, we then focused our efforts on translating all documentation. Once this was completed, and keeping the client’s need for consistency in mind, we utilized the translated documents as prep material for our simultaneous interpreters. This allowed them to enter the classroom with the necessary context so that they were able to swiftly and accurately interpret between parties.

In addition, we provided all of the interpreting equipment required including booths, conference microphone systems, and receivers, which were individually programed for each participant.

Lastly, ESL instructors were supplied for those business leaders who wanted to improve their English.

With the assistance of our professional interpreters, the two month training session helped foster a sense of community among both US and Chinese participants and established a shared commitment to furthering the international goals of each. To celebrate the success of the venture, the US institution took the Chinese executives on a grand tour of the United States, for which Accredited Language also provided interpreters.

Presenting to a Global Workforce

After an international food company produced a multimedia presentation to inform employees of an impending merger, they turned to Accredited Language to subtitle and adapt it for their multilingual staff.

An international food company facing a major reorganization needed language assistance to explain their plans to their worldwide staff. Essentially, the company was merging with another large supplier and wanted to simultaneously announce to all its various offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia exactly what this new working relationship entailed and how the two companies would combine forces. In order to accomplish this task, they had created a multimedia presentation intended to be shown throughout the company.

A key aspect of this presentation was a statement issued by the President and CEO of the corporation. In order to maintain a level of transparency and authority, it was essential that this address be subtitled, and not given a voiceover. Additionally, because the company wanted to avoid any premature release of information regarding the merger and acquisition, all work had to adhere to strict deadlines and security.

Our first step was to organize a massive effort of concurrent translation for the multimedia presentation. We needed to provide authoritative translation into fifteen different languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We selected translators familiar not only with the source and target languages, but also experienced in the food and agriculture industry.

Once the initial text for each multimedia presentation had been translated, our production team then began the process of adding subtitles to the digital presentation itself. This involved two important considerations. First we had to safeguard against the possibility of obscuring important images. This entailed an awareness of proper formatting as well as selecting the correct font size, style and color. Secondly, we needed to make sure that each subtitle was featured for the appropriate amount of time and was the ideal length so that viewers were able to comprehend the text in its entirety. Our experienced production team was able to execute this task for each of the required languages on a timeline that matched the client’s needs.

The end product not only successfully communicated vital information to the client’s multilingual workforce prior to the public release, but also remained consistent with the original presentation, ensuring nothing was lost in translation.

Bringing Medical Advancements Home

Seeking FDA approval for a new drug, a pharmaceutical company relied on Accredited Language to provide accurate, regulatory compliant translations of medical journals from more than twenty countries.

A pharmaceutical company required strict, methodologically correct translations to expedite the clinical trials of a new drug. The drug had already gained approval for use outside of the United States and several studies had been published in peer-reviewed journals in those countries where the drug was being administered. These studies supported the pharmaceutical company’s initial Investigational New Drug application to the FDA for approval of clinical research in the US.

This task necessitated careful attention to detail, industry expertise and exacting standards.

Using our vast database of experienced pharmaceutical translators, we put together a specialized team to translate, edit and proof each of the published studies, which came from more than twenty countries including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Norway. With this documentation submitted in combination with the completed IND application, our client successfully gained approval from the FDA to begin clinical trials.

Once the drug succeeded in reaching Phase III of the clinical research process, we supplied translations and back-translations of surveys, questionnaires and patient reported outcomes. We also provided translations of labels and inserts for dispensing the drug within the US market.

Not only were each of these separate translation projects completed on-time and on-budget, but they followed strict adherence to protocols, allowing our client to move forward in their quest for FDA approval and, ultimately, begin marketing this new drug nationally.