By: Autumn On: June 30, 2020 In: Subtitles & Captions, Technology Comments: 0

In order to make online videos accessible to everyone, creators must account for those viewers who may be visually impaired or hard of hearing.

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By: Patrick On: June 18, 2020 In: Subtitles & Captions, Technology Comments: 0

One feature of YouTube that seems to have caught on is automated subtitles. At first glance, the feature is convenient, cost-effective (usually free), and fast. But before you go running to hit the “upload” button, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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By: Doug On: December 17, 2019 In: Human Resources, Subtitles & Captions Comments: 0

Training videos are valuable opportunities to welcome new hires — including bilingual employees — into your company. If your new hires can’t understand the message behind your training video, however, then you have the makings of a very confused workforce.

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By: Alison On: December 19, 2018 In: Subtitles & Captions Comments: 2

Subtitles and captions are similar but distinct means of enhancing communication in visual media. And by better understanding the differences between them you can make the right choice as to which option will best serve your communication needs.

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By: Autumn On: October 30, 2018 In: Subtitles & Captions, Technology Comments: 0

Closed captioning might be the answer to improving SEO and increasing views of your online videos.

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By: Autumn On: September 14, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions Comments: 0

The occasional subtitle error may be amusing, but a whole show riddled with errors is frustrating for all kinds of viewers.

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By: Alison On: September 13, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions, Technology Comments: 0

As the amount of video that online media outlets produce continues to increase, the demand for online closed captioning is also on the rise, especially when it comes to news coverage.

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By: Ronen On: September 13, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions Comments: 0

The issue of making sporting events more accessible to fans who are deaf or hard-of-hearing has received increased attention over the past few years.

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By: Autumn On: September 7, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions, Translation Comments: 0

According to recent research, low-quality subtitles are a significant contributor to the unpopularity of Chinese films in the US.

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By: Patrick On: September 1, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions Comments: 0

Whether a video is designed to sell a product, announce a service interruption or simply provide information, subtitles can help achieve that goal -- especially in settings where the audio is too low or is drowned out by ambient noise.

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