By: Autumn On: September 1, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions Comments: 0

In order to give audiences an enjoyable (and accurate!) viewing experience, subtitling experts pay attention to the little things that result in effective subtitles: the appearance of the words, line length, and timing.

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By: Doug On: August 22, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions Comments: 0

Whether you're still in the filming process or looking to improve your video during post-production, adding subtitles to your online videos can help you tap into new markets, improve communication and build a better brand.

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By: Alison On: August 18, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions, Voiceovers Comments: 0

The decades-old disagreement over how best to adapt foreign-language media for domestic audiences is unlikely to subside any time soon. Subtitling and voiceovers each offer distinct advantages, so most audience members find themselves favoring one method or the other.

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By: Dan On: August 17, 2016 In: Localization, Subtitles & Captions, Voiceovers Comments: 1

In today's video game market, most major releases contain a great deal of spoken dialogue. When it comes time to localize a game for international markets, makers have to decide between two major techniques for converting spoken dialogue into a new language: Dubbing and subtitling.

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By: Nicole On: August 16, 2016 In: Localization, Subtitles & Captions, Technology, Translation Comments: 1

Game developers have come to recognize the value of game translation and professional localization of text, graphics, sounds and symbols. But this wasn't always the case. Many early games didn't incorporate professional translation into their international release -- resulting in some major bloopers.

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