By: Autumn On: May 2, 2017 In: Advertising & Marketing, Technology Comments: 0

Smartphone use in India has experienced exponential growth and is still expected to grow more in the next few years.

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By: Alison On: September 13, 2016 In: Subtitles & Captions, Technology Comments: 0

As the amount of video that online media outlets produce continues to increase, the demand for online closed captioning is also on the rise, especially when it comes to news coverage.

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By: Kaytie On: September 8, 2016 In: Interpreting, Technology Comments: 2

Machine interpreting essentially combines two forms of previously existing technology: voice recognition software and machine translation.

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By: Patrick On: September 7, 2016 In: Localization, Technology Comments: 0

While software localization is not as epic a task as building a program from scratch, it does present unique challenges that can cause headaches for everyone involved when not handled correctly.

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By: Patrick On: September 2, 2016 In: Engineering & Construction, Technology, Translation Comments: 0

Professional technical translators are able to do a critical examination of the document from both ends. They have a strong grasp of the technical concepts and terminology involved, allowing them to adapt a piece of technical writing into another language fully and accurately.

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By: Autumn On: September 1, 2016 In: Engineering & Construction, Technology, Translation Comments: 0

From helping you reach new global markets to protecting both your company and customers from injury, there are so many reasons why your product's instruction booklet deserves professional translation services.

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By: Ronen On: August 26, 2016 In: Banking & Finance, Technology, Translation Comments: 3

Would you feel comfortable using an ATM in a foreign language? Chances are you wouldn't, so why would you expect your customers to?

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By: Alison On: August 26, 2016 In: Localization, Technology, Translation Comments: 0

A professionally translated and localized website can enhance communication between businesses and customers, help customers avoid frustration and feel at ease, and boost business for companies.

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By: Doug On: August 22, 2016 In: Technology, Translation Comments: 0

Chemical companies are required to supply material safety data sheets detailing the proper handling and potential dangers of their products. If these necessary and important documents aren't translated accurately and completely, the results could be combustible.

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By: Alison On: August 17, 2016 In: Human Resources, Technology, Voiceovers Comments: 0

Whether you need a simple greeting or a fully-automated voice mail system, making use of professional voiceover prompts can help your company sound its best.

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