By: Jen On: July 24, 2017 In: Advertising & Marketing, Localization, Translation Comments: 0

Whether your next wave of guests will arrive in a week’s time or in December (which is summer for our friends in the southern hemisphere), you can – and should – take steps to welcome them in the appropriate language.

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By: Dan On: July 6, 2017 In: Translation Comments: 0

It’s easy to think that translation is something to worry about after you’ve got everything written out. But you can save yourself a lot of time — and money — by making your content translation-friendly from the beginning.

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By: Kaytie On: June 6, 2017 In: Translation Comments: 0

The main aim of back-translation is to ensure accuracy. However, if your document has already been translated, edited and proofread by a professional translation company, back-translation may be unnecessary.

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By: Autumn On: April 24, 2017 In: Medical, Translation Comments: 0

If you’re in the healthcare industry and want to serve a multilingual community as effectively as possible, it's time you seriously considered investing in medical translation. But where to start? It's important that you take the time to translate all vital medical documents and signs throughout your practice. This...

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By: Guest On: April 11, 2017 In: Localization, Translation Comments: 0

Expanding your marketing into a new country takes a lot more than just research. Extensive preparation and translation goes into the process, and with the right people, services and resources in place, the process will be smooth and successful.

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By: Autumn On: February 28, 2017 In: Interpreting, Languages, Medical, Translation Comments: 0

It’s no secret that the US has long been a popular destination for wealthy citizens of other countries who want top-notch medical treatment as quickly as possible. So how can medical practices make sure they’re giving the best service possible in order to continue being the top destination for...

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By: Autumn On: January 30, 2017 In: Translation Comments: 1

If you’re planning to take your company global, it’s important to take text expansion during translation into account ahead of time.

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By: Autumn On: September 26, 2016 In: Translation Comments: 1

Verified credentials, faster turnaround times, and quality assurance are just some of the things you can expect.

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By: Autumn On: September 14, 2016 In: Food & Agriculture, Translation Comments: 0

Today's consumers pay attention to what's in their food, which means brands need to be transparent and accessible to succeed.

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By: Autumn On: September 14, 2016 In: Translation Comments: 0

The Irish government's use of machine translation on their website resulted in a wave of criticism and upset citizens.

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