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At Accredited Language we understand the critical role that accurate translation and interpreting services play in today’s global life science industry. Our emphasis on precision delivers consistently clear translations of highly sensitive information that you can depend on. That’s why pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical device manufactures, and clinical research organizations (CROs) have trusted us since 1983 for medical translation and interpreting in more than 200 languages and dialects.

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Language solutions for pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and biotech firms

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Medical Devices

Language solutions for medical and surgical device manufacturers

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Language solutions for hospitals, healthcare clinics, and HMOs


Do you have medical papers or transcriptions that need to be turned into a legal documents? Our certified translations are accepted by government agencies (including the FDA) and professional organizations throughout the US and around the world.


We know the importance of meeting government regulatory schedules and product launch timetables, and we deliver. Expedited services are available upon request to help you meet your deadlines while still receiving the same personalized service our clients expect.

Why Accredited?

The Accredited Language Difference


Our medical translators and interpreters are not only fully fluent in both their source and target languages, but also knowledgeable of industry terms and jargon.

Medical Regulatory Compliance

We allow for no compromise at the point where language and health care regulation converge. All of our work on medical projects in done in full compliance with HIPAA provisions.

Personalized Service

Our professional linguists and account executives work with you from start to finish, ensuring all your project needs are met.

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