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When retailers and advertising agencies want to reach consumers in another language, they need a translation company that also speaks the language of advertising and marketing. Accredited Language is that company.

We provide language solutions that help businesses throughout the US and around the world break down cultural barriers on both a linguistic and conceptual level.

Whether you want to expand into new markets, localize text for a specific audience, or communicate with your global workforce, the professionals at Accredited Language can help meet your goals.

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Translators with Marketing Expertise

At Accredited Language, we translate more than just words — we translate brand identity. And with experienced linguists, expert in more than 200 languages, we can help your brand reach virtually any market.

Our linguists are chosen for their expertise in both the target language of your chosen market and the specialized vocabulary of your industry. This ensures that we capture not only the meaning, but also the emotion behind the copy — making your brand memorable and unique.

Transcreation Specialists

Our transcreation specialists pick up where translation leaves off. When it comes to marketing and advertising in the global marketplace, a straightforward translation of your copy just isn’t enough. After all, you don’t want to end up encouraging Chinese consumers to eat their fingers off like one fast food brand inadvertently did, or promising your product will bring buyers’ ancestors back from the dead, as another company accidentally alleged.

Whether you’re trying to reach a new local customer base through niche marketing techniques such as the translation of product labels, or taking your brand and slogan global, you need to achieve the right tone without confusing (or offending!) your new consumers.

Transcreation takes into account the cultural nuances of your target market, ensuring that your message is not only understood by, but truly resonates with your new audience.

Common Marketing Documents We Translate

  • Annual reports
  • Financial statements
  • Contracts
  • Marketing material
  • Advertising copy
  • Internal memos

  • Brochures and press packets
  • Websites
  • Promotional literature
  • Press releases
  • Pitches, scripts, and storyboards
  • Surveys

Professional Interpretation & Multimedia Solutions

Accredited provides consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services for both intimate events and major international conventions around the world.

Our interpreters are available on-site for events such as focus group meetings, press conferences, interviews, seminars, and public outreach. We also offer over-the-phone interpretation for emergency situations.

Additionally, Accredited offers a host of multimedia services including voice over talent, verbatim transcription, and custom subtitles and captions.


At Accredited, we offer fully adapted and localized translations of your website and advertising copy. With our in-depth knowledge of language, culture, and subject matter, we find the right terminology and imagery to translate your message for your target audience, wherever they’re located.


If you’re facing a deadline, ask about our rush translation services. You’ll get the same personalized service along with peace of mind. There’s no need to sweat tight deadlines with an Accredited Language expedited translation.

Why Us?

The Accredited Language Difference


Our linguists are adept in the translation of a wide range of marketing materials and company websites while our interpreters have extensive experience in advertising and retail settings.


We implement a series of quality control procedures to ensure that every translation we provide meets the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism.

Personalized Service

No matter the complexity of your translation project or the size of your company, you'll always receive the same personalized service and attention to detail that make Accredited Language a leader in the industry.

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