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An online promotional video can be an excellent tool for marketing your business, and adding subtitles can make it that much more effective.

The proliferation of technology and social media has made it easy for companies big and small to take to the internet and tout their brand to potential customers around the globe. By adding subtitles to their online promotional videos, companies can get the word out to an even wider audience.

Whether you’re still in the filming process or looking to improve your video during post-production, adding subtitles to your online videos can help you:

1) Tap Into New Markets

Marketing online allows your brand to create an instant connection with customers. It also has the potential to reach people all around the world. But for that connection to have the greatest impact on a global level, your message needs to be understood.

Adding subtitles to online promotional videos will make your brand’s message more accessible. Having a video available with subtitles in one or more languages can help persuade potential international customers to take the time to get to know your brand — including the products and services you offer.

By presenting information in their language, you show your customers that you’re committed to serving their needs, starting with the very basics: communication.

2) Improve Communication

Marketing via a website and social media gives companies a direct and accessible link between their brand and potential customers. But if those customers can’t understand your brand’s message, they’re more likely to tune your company out.

Subtitles can help ensure your brand’s message is accurately conveyed through your promotional video. When done properly, subtitles provide more than a simple translation of the spoken and written words — they can also localize terms and phrases so your video has the greatest linguistic impact on the audience you’re trying to reach.

3) Build a Better Brand

To be most effective marketing your brand online, you need to do all you can to stand out to potential customers. Since almost every company has a website and social media presence, you and your brand will need to inspire confidence in customers if you want them to single you out from the rest of the online noise.

Because subtitles make your promotional online video a more accessible and effective communication tool, they can also make your brand a trustworthy resource in the eyes of potential customers. Whether you’re selling healthcare products or promoting a charity, a message that’s both familiar and understandable builds confidence in potential customers that your company knows its business and can satisfy their needs.

How Accredited Language Can Help

From informational videos to carefully-crafted commercials, subtitles add a global dimension to your marketing efforts, allowing you to reach customers and clients in your neighborhood and around the world.

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