When you require an accurate, reliable transcription, you need a language service provider with the resources to meet and exceed your expectations. With Accredited, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our experienced transcriptionists are known not only for their outstanding linguistic skills, but also for their expertise in specialized fields. Whatever your project, you can rely on us to provide cost-effective solutions of the highest quality for all your transcription needs.

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Professional Transcriptionists

The transcriptionists of Accredited Language are chosen for both their outstanding linguistic skills as well as their expertise in specialized fields.

For doctors, hospitals and pharmacies services are performed by professionals familiar with medical vocabulary. This results in a higher quality, more reliable transcription.

For financial and legal professionals, our transcriptions of consensual recordings and depositions are certified for use in the courtroom and in legal proceedings.

We also are familiar with the unique words and phrases used in technical fields such as food and agriculture.

Transcription from 30+ Analog & Digital Formats

Whatever the format of your recording, chances are we not only accept it but also has extensive experience working with that type of file, disc or tape.

Our transcriptionists work with analog tapes, including: cassettes, microcassettes, minicassettes and VHS tapes.

We also accept more than two dozen digital media and digital files, including the most common audio and video formats: CDs, DVDs, DVCAMs, Blu-Ray discs and MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, DSS, MSV and AIF files.

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Common Transcription Projects We Handle

Internet audio/Video Files

TV Shows & Films

Live Broadcasts



eLearning Videos

Training Sessions


Multilingual Transcription Services

Do you have a recording that requires not only transcription, but also translation from one language into another? At Accredited, we have the experience and the know-how to transcribe your English audio file into a Spanish document — or any other language pair you may require.

Our team of professional transcriptionists and language experts are available in more than 200 languages and dialects. And our focus on quality control and assurance means you can rest easy knowing that your transcriptions were not only completed by an industry specialist, but reviewed by both an editor and proofreader.

Whether you need to transcribe and translate a presentation for distribution among a multilingual workforce or a testimony for admission in a foreign court, Accredited Language has you covered.

Audio Enhancement & Digitalization Solutions

Do you need to retrieve sound elements from partially corrupted files and tapes? Sharpen the focus of certain sounds, such as voices against background noises? Or transfer a previously recorded conference into an MP3 file?

Whether you have a newly recorded or preexisting conference or other analog recording that requires audio enhancement and/or transference into a digital copy, Accredited Language can help.

Our audio enhancement and digitalization services are ideal for noise removal and reduction, audio and micro-cassette recovery, restoration and enhancement, historic preservation and archiving, and digital remastering.

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