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Transcription has many well-known applications in the business world, from preserving the contents of a conference to archiving corporate presentations — but there are less formal uses for transcription, too.

Take brainstorming sessions, for instance. Those hodgepodge meetings where people bounce ideas around the room are potential gold mines of information, and therefore worth recording and transcribing.

From public relations firms to advertising agencies to healthcare facilities, all types of businesses can reap these five benefits if they transcribe their brainstorming sessions.

1. Keep Thoughts from Slipping Through the Cracks

When you gather a group of individuals together in one room to tackle a problem, ideas can start flying pretty fast. As one suggestion spawns another, it’s common for some ideas to get sidelined or missed entirely.

A transcription of your business’s brainstorming meetings helps to keep rapidly-introduced ideas and concepts from falling through the cracks.

You don’t want to miss out on a great idea just because someone forgot it, didn’t get to finish a thought, or simply didn’t express a good concept eloquently enough to capture the group’s attention at the time.

2. Save Time Down the Line

Brainstorming sessions can be extremely productive, but they can also get hectic and disorganized. Sometimes what is scheduled to be a 15 minute briefing can turn into an hour long discussion — and not all of that discussion will necessarily be on topic.

By recording and then transcribing all the ideas introduced in an initial brainstorming session, you can skip subsequent meetings to rehash or recall the content of the first meeting. It’s easy to provide those involved with a handout of key points or send a quick email update. This saves the company time and allows new ideas to be enacted quickly.

What’s more, using professional business transcription services means the work is done for you, so your company doesn’t have to spend time and manpower on employees writing down all their ideas individually.

3. Have an Easy Format to Consult

By having brainstorming sessions not only recorded, but also transcribed, the company gains a hard copy of the brainstorming meeting that’s easily searchable.

Not only can this record be used to refresh the memories of those present during the initial brainstorming session, it can also be passed on to employees and/or supervisors not present at the time. They can provide feedback on what ideas look best and get the ball rolling on new projects.

Having a typed record also serves as an easy way to keep track of a project timeline. You can quickly see how brainstorming sessions are advancing a goal while also learning about potential pitfalls to avoid in future meetings.

4. Know Who Said What

When you gather together a bunch of staff members who are experts on a topic, product, or service, there are bound to be good ideas in the room. However, when ideas start flowing and suggestions are coming from all corners of the room, it can sometimes be difficult in hindsight to recall which employee advanced which idea.

Having a written transcript of what was said — and who said it — will allow you to immediately pinpoint the suggestions that matter most and pick the brains of your most valued employees.

5. Find the Best Ideas in a Snap

Sometimes we take a great idea that comes up in a brainstorming session and rework it and rework it until… it doesn’t sound so great anymore. If you make recordings and transcriptions of business meetings where ideas are first voiced, it’s possible to turn back to the original, spontaneous thought — and those ideas are often the best ones!

By rereading transcripts of brainstorming meetings, you can rediscover such thoughts and help your business strike conceptual gold.

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