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Because a new patient’s first experience with a doctor involves filling out medical paperwork, the translation of patient intake forms offers significant benefits to doctors’ offices and hospitals.

That first visit to a new doctor calls for clipboard after clipboard of medical forms requesting personal information and details of the patient’s medical history, which is intimidating enough in one’s first language. Just imagine filling them out in a language you’re less familiar with!

By offering translated versions of these forms, hospitals, clinics and even pharmacies can make their new patients more comfortable and confident during their initial visit. And when medical staff has complete and accurate information, they’re better equipped to provide the highest quality of care — it’s win-win!

Expanded Service for an Expanded Patient Pool

Doctors see many patients every day, all from different backgrounds and with different medical histories. Having a greater understanding of the community a doctor’s office serves can lead to a greater level of care.

If a doctor aims to properly serve a diverse, multilingual community, then he or she needs to be prepared to meet all of their needs. This means not only being able to cure what ails them, but also taking the appropriate measures to accurately communicate with them.

One of the first steps is to find out what languages are spoken by your patients — and by those who might become your patients in the future. By keeping track of the linguistic makeup of your community, you’ll be able to prepare for the most likely visitors to your clinic, office or emergency room.

Once you’ve established which languages your patients speak, you can decide which of these warrant a translated intake form. These forms give the doctor a brief overview of the patient’s history, and it’s imperative that they are complete and accurate so that the doctor has an understanding of the patient’s needs.

Because the intake forms are often the very first experience a new patient has with a doctor, it’s important that the wording is clear and doesn’t confuse or intimidate the new patient. Offering translated versions of these forms can help prevent incorrect information and also establish a sense of confidence in the patient.

Professional Medical Translation Offers Greater Benefits

When a doctor’s office is looking to offer translated versions of intake forms, it’s necessary to secure the services of professional medical translators as opposed to using automatic translation.

Professional medical translators like those at Accredited Language have expertise in both language and subject, meaning they understand how to communicate the proper medical terminology to patients in other languages. This results in a more accurate translation of a doctor’s intake forms and helps prevent any potentially dangerous miscommunication or incorrectly entered information.

And since accurate translation is more likely to build confidence in new patients and make them more comfortable with the doctor, everyone benefits.

Take the first step toward ensuring the health, safety, and comfort of your patients and contact Accredited Language for professional medical translation.

Call us at 1-800-322-0284 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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