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Many courts, both in the US and abroad, often fail to utilize legal translation that would make court records more readily accessible.

And it’s not just certain court records that may need the services of legal translation. Nearly any document that can have legal or procedural significance could need the services of a qualified translator, whatever the language.

Court Summonses

Receiving a summons in the mail is a serious matter, and one that deserves immediate attention. But what if the recipient can’t understand the summons as it is written because they are unfamiliar with the language? They might misunderstand the nature of the summons, or end up not answering at all, either of which could put them in serious legal trouble. A properly translated court summons could mitigate this problem.

Evidentiary Documents

Some of the most crucial documents in need of translation are those containing evidence. These documents often make or break a case, so it’s vital that these documents be made available to all parties in a form that everyone can understand. This also applies to video evidence, as the power of the recorded word is just as potent as the written when it comes to legal testimony.

Certified Translations May Be Required

It is important to know when certified translation is necessary. Documents used in legal procedures, such as court transcripts or immigration documentation, are often required to be certified before they are accepted.

Translation companies like Accredited Language Services can provide certified translations for any translation project. As always, the translation is performed by an expert linguist, and the certification process transforms the finished product into a legal record, recognized in jurisdictions around the world.

Trust the Professionals

Some lawyers prefer to use easy and cheap ways to translate legal documents, including bilingual colleagues or risky automated translation services like those found online. But these methods can do more harm than good. The translations themselves could be inaccurate and lead to mistakes and erroneous assumptions. Also, courts may not recognize a legal contract that was translated using a free online service.

In the end, taking an inexpensive shortcut might end up costing more time, and therefore more money.

Whether or not you need a certified translation, it’s always best to rely on professional translators to work on legal documents. Any court matter is serious business, which is why it’s wise to get a legal translation from a trusted translation company, like Accredited Language.

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