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Good safety manual translations are important for nearly everyone, from the family that buys a new oven to the employee working the production line at an automotive factory.

In addition to addressing safety-related concerns, the professional translation of safety manuals is essential to the success of companies marketing their products overseas — especially when the law is involved.

Legal Requirements

In many countries, safety manuals are a basic requirement for selling a product: they legally must be included with the product at the time of sale.

Often there are linguistic requirements as well — usually that the manual must be available in the country’s official language(s).

Products in Canada, for example, must have safety manuals translated into both English and French. Countries in the European Union also have strict requirements regarding safety manuals and their translation into different languages.

In cases like these, companies who neglect to translate their safety manuals into the required languages may be barred from conducting their services or selling their products and in some cases may even face legal consequences.

For example, if a product safety manual translation is incorrect and someone has an accident as a result, you run the risk of facing a lawsuit.

It’s important to note that translation requirements for some safety documents are more strict than others, especially when they deal with hazardous materials or chemicals. For these documents, a certified translation may be necessary before the related item can be sold or used.

Business Benefits

Legal requirements aside, there are some great business benefits for companies who invest in professional safety manual translation. Translating texts into multiple languages allows companies to market their products abroad, reaching a wider and more diverse audience than ever before.

A well-translated safety manual can also help boost a company’s image overseas. Translation errors in a safety manual can be embarrassing and cause customers to question the quality of the product in their hands, thereby decreasing their trust in the company.

Meanwhile, accidents resulting from bad safety manual translation can cause injuries, property damage or worse, lead to unsafe working conditions, lawsuits, a negative corporate image — and bad business.

Safety First: Trusting Professional Translators

At the most basic level, safety manual translation is a must for the very obvious reason that it keeps people safe.

Imagine employees at an industrial factory going to work without having firm knowledge of important safety procedures, or a person trying to assemble an electronic device without having read a manual in their own language — the odds of an accident occurring are significantly increased if the text is full of errors.

For this reason, safety manual translation is something that should be trusted only to professional technical translators like those at Accredited Language who are experts in their translation field (i.e. medical or engineering translation).

Professional safety manual translation is a must: it benefits business and, above all, it keeps people safe. Companies that invest in high-quality translation by a professional translation service can expand global business confidently and safely.

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