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As more companies expand across the globe, HR translation has become increasingly important.

After all, HR is often considered the backbone of most businesses, and from recruiting and culling new team members to making sure current employees understand and comply with company guidelines, human resource professionals need to be able to communicate effectively.

Whether your company exists in just a few other countries or has locations all over the world, it’s time to consider the benefits of HR translation for your business.

Appeal to Employees from Other Countries

The beauty of going global is that you have your pick of employees from all over the world. Of course, if you’re trying to recruit people from countries where the residents don’t speak much English, you’ll need some translation help.

This begins with job postings. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure every job posting you currently have drafted in English is free from idioms and industry jargon. Copy that is straightforward and avoids any overly clever language will most easily be translated into your desired target language.

After you’ve posted your job listings and the resumes start rolling in, you’ll also need translation services from your target language back into English. You can then accurately evaluate each candidate to find the perfect match for your business’s open positions.

Lastly, once you’ve recruited your international employees, you’ll want to make sure they fully understand their job duties, the contracts they’re signing, and any immigration forms they have to fill out. Again, it’s best to hire a professional to carefully translate any forms you use during the recruiting process.

[Note: During the interview process you may also want to enlist the aid of a professional interpreter.]

Properly Submit & File Important Paperwork

Once you hire new employees, the paperwork has just begun. They might have their immigration documents, contracts, and similar forms all finished and filed away, but that’s not all they’ll need.

There are several types of additional documentation you’re global employees with need to fill out during the on-boarding process. These documents may include paperwork related to:

  • Benefits
  • Health insurance
  • User names & passwords
  • Consent and agreement forms
  • Emergency contact information

With professional HR translation you can rest easy knowing that your new international recruits are providing the correct information for all internal paperwork.

Make Sure Employees Understand Training Documents

After newly recruited employees are entered into the system, you’re bound to have a welcome packet full of important information that you’ll also want to ensure your employees can understand. These documents may include:

  • Company guidelines
  • Company policies
  • Vacation and paid time off documents
  • Position overviews

The translation of these documents is vital to a proper on-boarding experience. Otherwise, an employee might not understand concepts that include how to call in sick, take personal days off, or report problems to HR.

If you have training videos, you’ll also need to have these translated. If the video does not feature any written content, a professional translation service will also be able to provide you with subtitles or a voice over, where necessary.

When your employees are properly trained in a language they understand, it makes for an easy transition into the company.

Communicate Effectively with Employees

Even when employees are feeling comfortable in their new position, you need to continue to provide HR translation. This is important for when the HR department sends out emails or even writes quick notes to employees.

Similarly, the HR department should provide translation for:

  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Important announcements
  • Company event invites
  • Other types of company communication

This way, you can be sure all of your employees are on the same page and cannot claim they did not understand the information given to them.

How Accredited Language Can Help

Professional HR translation makes for effective and efficient global business, and at Accredited Language, we have the experience and know-how to bridge any language barrier. From the translation of benefit booklets to company regulations, our experienced translation team offers professionally translated, localized copy adapted for your target audience on a budget and timeline that meets your needs.

Contact Accredited Language today to learn how we can assist you with your HR translation needs.

Call us at 1-800-322-0284 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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