Certified Translations

When you need a reliable translation that will be used as a legal document, you need a certified translation. Every certified translation from Accredited Language becomes a legal record accepted by governmental agencies, professional organizations, and colleges and universities throughout the US and in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world.

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What Is a Certified Translation?

An accurate translation renders a document from one language into another. A certified translation involves even more. With a certified translation, you get the added assurance that the document is now a legal record.

Different organizations have different requirements for certified translations. We follow the most rigorous standards, and our professional linguists attest to the accuracy of the translation. This diminishes the possibility of fraud – and gives you peace of mind.

What Documents Require Certification?

  • Medical records
  • Regulatory compliance documents
  • Patents
  • Legal documents
  • Academic records

  • Financial documents
  • Contracts
  • CTAs
  • Immigration documents
  • Birth, marriage & death certificates

Certified Transcriptions

In addition to certification for translated documents, we also offer certified transcription services. So whether you have a deposition, business negotiation or medical recording that requires acceptance by government agencies or professional organizations, we’ve got you covered.

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