Video Remote Interpreting by Accredited Language

Our VRI platform is ideal for telehealth & business professionals!

When 90% of communication occurs non-verbally, sometimes over-the-phone interpretation just isn’t good enough. That’s where video remote interpreting (VRI) comes in. By allowing those non-verbal cues to be captured, even when an interpreter isn’t physically present, VRI provides a more reliable means of communication between parties who speak different languages.

At Accredited Language, we offer VRI in a dozen languages — including American Sign Language — and because our system is platform-agnostic, you can easily connect through any standard web browser or via an app from smart phones/tablets or other mobile devices.

Whether you’re a medical professional consulting with a multilingual patient or a business executive conducting negotiations with an overseas partner, our VRI services ensure accurate communication in any language.

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The Benefits of Our VRI Platform

Connecting is simple and straight forward

Fully customizable to meet your unique needs

Send and receive forms, reference material, surveys and/or instructions in real time

VRI interpreters are HIPAA-compliant

Easily invite additional participants to any given call as needed

VRI interpreter at work