Over-the-Phone Interpreting

In emergency situations, tight deadlines and remote locations, or in cases where an on-site interpreter simply isn’t available, over-the-phone interpreting can be a life saver. Our telephonic interpreting services put the world at your fingertips, bridging the language gap quickly and efficiently. Our expert interpreters come from a variety of professional backgrounds so whether you need assistance communicating with a hospital patient, business associate or emergency service provider, we can get your message across without delay.

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Professional Phone Interpreters

Our over-the-phone interpreters are experts in their fields, with years of training not only as linguists, but also within a professional discipline.

When you call for interpretation services, we match you with an experienced interpreter in the language — and industry — you specify. This means that you’ll always have a qualified medical interpreter for health care-related calls and a financial interpreter for boardroom calls.

On-Demand Interpretation Services

We bring the world to you in seconds, not hours. Our more than 5,000 qualified telephonic interpreters provide clear, accurate communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means you can connect any time, anywhere.

What’s more, over-the-phone interpretation doesn’t require any form of specialized equipment and can be performed with the tools you already have: a speakerphone, a conference call, or simply by passing a single handset back and forth between parties.

When To Use Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Over-the-phone interpreting is used in situations that don’t allow for face-to-face interpreting. Whether time, distance or cost prohibit the use of a live interpreter, telephonic interpreting provides a convenient, fast way to make yourself understood.

We always suggest using face-to-face interpreting whenever possible, as visual cues and non-verbal communication factors into any interaction. However, you may not have a Tlingit interpreter in your area, or an emergency might necessitate an immediate response. For these and similar scenarios, over-the-phone interpreting is the next best solution.

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