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If your film, advertising campaign or other project will include a voice over, let an experienced agency help you choose the right voice for the job.

It can be intimidating to narrow down the wide selection of voice actors available to you, especially if you’re not even sure whether to choose a male or female for the role.

Studies suggest the gender of the voice actor can make a difference in how audiences react, and a high quality voice over agency can help you find the ideal voice for your project.

Learn What Audiences Think About Voice Overs

You have chosen to use a voice over for a reason — you believe your project will benefit from it. However, choosing the wrong person for the role can turn off viewers and even distort the message. Whether you are working on a film trailer, TV show, documentary or ad, a voice over agency can help you choose the best voice for your project.

According to The New York Times, studies have found that for some applications — especially movie trailers — audiences tend to trust deeper voices, as they generally consider them to be authoritative and intelligent. The result is that men typically get the most voice over roles for these projects.

If you think a male voice actor is right for your project, an agency can help you choose one who can effectively convey your message with a powerful, deep voice. A voice over agency should have access to many experienced actors, and can also keep in mind audience preferences that you may not be aware of.

Take a Different Approach

On the other hand, some studies show that female viewers want to hear other female voices, whether on TV or in movies. This may be because female voices are known for sounding more emotional and perhaps more relatable than male voices.

A seasoned voice over agency can counsel you on whether a female voice would be right for your project. This requires considering your target audience and the product you are trying to sell, something a professional voice over agency is careful to do.

If it turns out that a female voice would in fact be perfect for the project, the voice over agency you hire can help you select the right one. In many cases, this means identifying more than just the overall audience — you also need to consider the needs of your target market.

For example, research suggests that customers tend to prefer calm female voices for GPS navigation devices, rather than a commanding, authoritative tone. But if your product calls for something sterner, such as a political advertisement, you need to be able to provide a voice over with the proper tone and delivery. Fortunately, a voice over agency will have access to both these types of voice actresses — and many others — so you can hear the difference firsthand and cast the role accordingly.

Choose a Professional Voice Over Agency

Many people assume that voice acting is not difficult — after all, hardly anyone sees the person doing the job. In reality, the lack of visibility is often considered the hardest part of voice over work, since all emotions have to be conveyed through the voice, without help from body language.

This is why it is imperative that you avoid hiring an amateur, or your project may fall flat and fail to connect with audiences. A voice over agency will put you in contact with professionals in this industry, allowing you to have your pick of top talent so that your project has a better chance of success.

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