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Is there a difference between a video using professional voice over services and one without?

Yes, and quite a big one.

In today’s business environment, more companies are turning to video as a means of communicating with their customers and promoting the company.

The right voice over talent can mean the difference between a presentable, professional video and an amateur and unimpressive production.

When to Use Voice Overs

Video is often a great way to present your product or service to a customer without relying on a sales rep, especially if the product is complicated.

Graphic elements and on-screen actors can explain the different features and benefits, while showing the product in actual use. A voice over helps explain what is going on in the video and ties it together into a cohesive narrative for greater customer impact.

Voice overs are also used in automated help menu systems and computerized call receiving programs. Here, the objective is presenting information clearly so that the customer can act based on the information given, whether it’s an automated sales call or tech support.

Other areas that use voice overs include video games, instructional videos and radio announcements.

What to Look For in a Voice Over

Relation to target audience. When you’re deciding on a voice for an advertisement or promotional video, consider your target audience and how the chosen voice would relate to it. Does your voice actor’s accent match the target region? Would they respond better to a female voice? What age range are you targeting?

Diction. Having proper diction is especially important for instructional or educational videos, where comprehension is a big factor in the video’s success; or in audio-only productions, where the actor’s voice is the only method the audience has of receiving information.

Pace. Figure out how fast the video needs to be in accordance with its purpose. Advertisements may need to have a fast, energetic speaking pace to invoke a sense of excitement or urgency in the customer. On the other hand, instructional videos have to go slowly to make sure the viewer can follow along.

Benefits of Using Professional Voice Over Agencies

Professional audio production houses and language service providers have a directory of talented voice actors on call for any kind of project. Actors differ in terms of voice quality, accent and manner of speech, and the most talented can alter their speech patterns according to the nature of the production (sometimes even changing their voices entirely).

But where agencies truly excel is their ability to source voice over artists who specialize in different kinds of productions, such as dramatic/comedic acting, commercials, tutorial videos, corporate branding and so on. Agencies can also source multilingual talent if you want to adapt your video for a different audience.

The better agencies will also have access to their own recording studios—either through preferred vendors or with an in-house recording booth—making them a one-stop shop for whatever voice over services you need.

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