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These days, most businesses are expected to reach out to an international audience when launching a new product or device, which often results in a need for technical manual translation.

Don’t assume your product is safe from this necessity because it’s not a book or a website. Any product that requires an instruction booklet, no matter how simple or complex, deserves professional translation services.

1) Protect Both the Customers and the Company

There are many dangers of an inaccurate technical manual translation. For example, if there are mistakes in the translation, customers may end up using the wrong tool, hurting themselves or damaging the item. Even the most minor accident could result in a public relations issue for your company at best, and a lawsuit at worst.

This is especially true if it is determined that your poor quality technical manual translation does not comply with the safety standards set by the government to prevent accidents. To help avoid costly PR nightmares and legal battles due to translation errors, choose the services of a professional translation company.

2) Gain Some Peace of Mind

Your technical manual translation needs to be accurate. Native speakers can quickly spot a poor translation job, which can make your company look bad. Engaging a professional language services agency for the translation can offer you peace of mind that the result will be clear and accurate, since it will be performed by experts in the appropriate field.

Even if you’re considering hiring a native speaker to translate your manual, you may not get the results you need — technical translation requires more than just knowledge of the language. When the subject matter is technical in nature, translation is a job for a specialist who understands how the product or process in question works, and can describe it to those who don’t.

3) Reach New Markets

Consider the new opportunities after translating your technical manual into one or more languages. For each language that your manual is translated into, that’s one more market you’re able to reach, which is an opportunity to increase sales and widen your customer base.

If you’re unsure whether this service is worth the time, consider starting with just one professional technical manual translation. The Hispanic market is often a good place to start. Once you’ve launched the translated manual, calculate the contributions from your new market. If you see a return on your investment, order additional translations into other languages.

Let Professionals Handle the Details

A professional language services company like Accredited Language can do more than just translate the text. We can also arrange any supporting graphics, charts, and/or diagrams on the translated pages. The result is a complete, professional technical manual that’s ready to publish, rather than one hastily put together by a department not devoted to this task.

If you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of manual translation, contact the professionals Accredited Language today.

Call us at 1-800-322-0284 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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