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Mobile marketing has been a mainstay for business owners for the last few years, but it’s now especially important when marketing to India. That’s because smartphone use in India has experienced exponential growth lately and is still expected to grow more in the next few years.

If marketing to India is part of your plan as a business owner, take the following facts into consideration as you plot out your marketing campaign.

The Number of Smartphone Users in India Is Growing Fast

Currently, India’s smartphone market is growing faster than anywhere else in the world. By 2021, it’s predicted that India will have 1.37 billion mobile subscriptions. That’s a lot, considering that the entire world has about 7.4 billion mobile subscriptions.

That’s according to the Ericsson Mobility Report, which also reported that in the first quarter of 2016, India had 21 million new mobile subscribers. To put this in perspective, Indonesia and Myanmar got 5 million more subscribers in that period, with the US and Pakistan each getting just 3 million more.

Indian Mobile Subscribers are Using Their Phones for More than Just Texting

Clearly, India leads the pack when it comes to the growth of mobile usage in recent years. Currently, about 80 percent of the population uses a mobile phone.

But what are Indians doing on their phones? Why are they so popular?

Online shopping is one major activity Indian mobile users are actively taking part in. In fact, about 60 percent of all shopping-related search terms in India come from mobile devices.

More specifically, in 2015, 50 percent of Indian women shopping online from their smartphone bought beauty products, while 57 percent bought home furnishings.

Apps are another huge area of interest for Indian mobile users. If you’re looking for a good place to advertise your business, consider seeking placements on those apps which are drawing the most attention.

WhatsApp is currently the most popular app in India, with Google search and YouTube also garnering a lot of use. In fact, one of the apps that takes the most data usage in India is YouTube, though Xender and SHAREit – both file-sharing apps – are also in this category.

Businesses that want to utilize the popularity of mobile apps in India when trying to reach this market should also seriously consider creating their own app as a means of attracting Indian consumers.

Music and video streaming is the last major area where Indian mobile users are spending their time and money.

Many are willing to pay for a high-speed Internet connection, such as 3G or 4G, to improve these functions on their smartphones, a fact that anyone in the business of mobile marketing should take into consideration, especially given the universal popularity of videos in advertising.

Local Language Is Key

Another important fact to remember when considering marketing to India via mobile is the use of local languages. A recent study conducted by KPMG/Google found that when performing online searches, Indian consumers favor their local languages over English.

In fact, it is predicted that by 2021 an estimated 536 million Indians will be utilizing regional languages online. The report further states that the number of Hindi users will outnumber English users in India by 2 million.

The study also concluded that roughly 70 percent of internet users in India consider local language digital content more reliable than English content. That means if you want to not only gain the attention of Indian consumers via mobile marketing, but also gain their trust, you need to translate your content.

Key Indian languages to consider when translating your mobile content include Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Telegu.

Mobile Marketing in India

If you plan on marketing to India, you should take a hint from the marketers who live there. About 71 percent of them say that mobile marketing is now at the core of their business. By 2019, it’s estimated that they’ll be spending about $1.32 billion on mobile, especially on social and display advertisements.

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