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The popularity of video content can’t be ignored, especially when you have a business with a product or service to sell. In particular, explainer videos are big right now, since they’re a great way to grab your audience’s attention and show them that you have something they need. And in an age when people don’t always have the time (or the desire) to read, explainer videos can really make an impact.

One of the key elements of any explainer video is the voiceover. If you want to accurately and effectively represent your brand, it’s vital that you enlist the help of a professional voiceover artist. Here are some of the major ways a voiceover can benefit your explainer video.

1. Voiceovers Make It Easy to Express Your Brand Voice

Sometimes the visual part of the explainer video isn’t enough to clearly show what your brand is all about. Adding a professional voiceover to it can help.

For example, if your brand voice is serious or somber, a professional voiceover can reflect that in the tone of voice. If it’s more lighthearted or even funny, the tone of voice and choice of words will reflect that, as well.

2. Voiceovers Inject Explainer Videos with Emotion

Some explainer videos have just the right visuals and don’t seem to need much else to connect with audiences. But others need a little push to evoke more emotion from viewers, especially when they are mainly practical introductions to products or services.

That push can come in the form of a professional voiceover, which can add a little more emotion to your explainer video and connect with your audience as a result. If you want your video to be unforgettable, a good voiceover that reaches out to viewers can really help.

3. Voiceovers Add Credibility

You need to use a professional voiceover actor who your audience will trust. You don’t want a tone of voice that’s too silly, sarcastic, or otherwise unprofessional since your audience will pick up on that and possibly stop listening.

When you get a professional voiceover for your explainer video, you can trust the actor to use a voice that will resonate with your audience.

4. Voiceovers Make a Powerful Call to Action

All successful explainer videos have a clear call to action. If you don’t hire a professional for the voiceover, your audience might not stick around long enough to even hear the call to action toward the end.

This is why you need a professional whose voice won’t fizzle out and lose the viewer’s attention early on in the video. The voiceover needs to not only have a tone the audience can trust, but also somewhat of a sense of urgency so people really take notice.

How Accredited Language Can Help

As you plan to release one or more explainer videos, make sure each one has the professional voiceover it deserves.

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