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The use of professional voice overs for corporate voicemail and voice prompts is a growing trend in the corporate world.

Nowadays, customers and consumers are accustomed to dealing with computerized voices rather than a real human when they call a corporate number. That means professional voice over prompts are a pleasant surprise for customers used to hearing a barely intelligible robotic voice on the other end of the line.

Professional voice over prompts help businesses:

1) Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Nothing is more annoying to a customer than being faced with a completely incomprehensible customer service line. Automated messages tend to be difficult to understand — not to mention the fact that the stale robotic voice can be extremely grating, especially to customers who have been on hold for 20 minutes!

Using professional voice over prompts can help your customers avoid these annoying automated messages and easily understand the human voice on the other end of the line. Voice over professionals are trained to speak clearly and to enunciate properly.

2) Present a Competent and Confident Image

Through intonation and style of speaking of alone, professional voice over prompts can convey competence and confidence through speech — something every customer wants to hear. For your voice over prompts, you will want a voice over professional who possesses a pleasant voice that sounds confident and reassuring, even over a recording. Whether they are dubbing foreign language versions of films or providing the voice for a commercial, voice over professionals have the ability to control and manipulate their voices for a variety of jobs.

3) Boost Their Corporate Image in the Public Eye

Companies that invest in professional voice over prompts have the benefit of presenting customers with clear and charismatic communication. This makes life much easier for the customer or consumer — and in turn it can boost their opinion of the company.

When a company provides bad customer service or commits a major customer service faux pas, news travels fast. Thanks to internet forums and blogs, a company can quickly gain a bad reputation for subpar customer service. Professional voice overs can help prevent this from happening by giving the customer an excellent experience from the moment he or she picks up the phone.

Making the Most of Professional Voice Over Prompts

There is an art to doing voice overs, and there’s no point to investing in professional voice over prompts if they aren’t going to be of good quality. A human voice provides clear, confident and competent communication with customers, which is an important step toward keeping customers happy. Whether you need a simple greeting or a fully-automated voice mail system, making use of professional voice over prompts can help your company sound its best.

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