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When you’re looking to translate your business materials for any purpose, it is essential to understand the importance of proofreading.

More specifically, you should know that the most accurate translations require a team effort — a translator, an editor, and a proofreader.

You might think that one person can perform all three jobs, but the quality of your translation is likely to suffer.

Check out some examples that highlight the importance of having a separate proofreader.

Why Proofreading Is Important

Whether you’re writing in English or another language, mistakes in spelling and grammar can negatively affect your work. In the worst case scenarios, your audience will be confused, which is likely to happen when you write the wrong word or leave a word out altogether.

Of course, in many cases, readers can still understand what you were trying to say. But, they might not trust you anymore. Customers often feel that if you’re careless with the written word, you might be careless with the advice you give or the services you perform.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Global Lingo, 59 percent of Britons would not use a company which had obvious spelling or grammatical errors on its website or marketing material. What’s more, 82 percent would not use a company which had poor translations into English.

Clearly, proper spelling and grammar, not to mention professional translation services, matter for your business.

Using a separate proofreader is a key factor in both of these matters.

Why Proofreading Your Own Writing Doesn’t Work

You might be tempted to proofread what you write, but people are usually very poor at proofreading their own work. Because you already know what the text is supposed to say, it’s very likely that your eyes will read right past any errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Even worse, some people try to save time by proofreading as they write. The problem with this is that writing and proofreading require very different mindsets. It’s hard to think about technical aspects like grammar, spelling and the proper punctuation in the language you are using when you are also focused on composing your ideas.

However, a separate proofreader will read through a text slowly, evaluating every word and phrase with fresh eyes. A separate proofreader is therefore much more likely to spot errors.

Professional proofreaders also have specialized skills and knowledge which a writer or translator may not have.

Perhaps a translator doesn’t have many typos or grammatical errors, but doesn’t quite understand the meaning of a word and therefore uses it incorrectly. No amount of proofreading their own work will ever fix that error, but having someone else do the job will.

How Accredited Language Can Help

You can clearly see the problems that occur when someone tries to proofread their own work — every professional writer needs separate editors and proofreaders to check their writing. It’s not a mark of incompetence; it’s just the best way to ensure professional writing.

The same goes when you need to translate from one language to another, since it can be quite easy to miss mistakes when you’re working with more than one language. Using a professional language service provider like Accredited Language, which employs separate translators, editors, and proofreaders, is the best way to make sure your message is conveyed as accurately as possible.

Contact Accredited Language today to learn more about our translation and proofreading services.

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