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When planning a multilingual event that requires interpreting, arrangements have to be made for audio equipment, seating layouts, and more. For event planners unfamiliar with working with interpreters, it can be difficult to know where to position interpreters and event attendees as well as the type of interpreting services required (i.e. consecutive vs simultaneous vs remote).

Below, we’ve listed a few common events and the setups they’d likely need for effective interpreting services.

Event Planning for a Boardroom Meeting

You might be planning an event that hosts foreign executives from an offshore company or representatives from one of your offices overseas. In either case, this small, intimate gathering will not require much in the way of equipment other than a microphone or two.

For a boardroom meeting, consecutive interpreting will work most efficiently. Consecutive interpreting is when an interpreter listens to a speaker and then repeats what was said in the new, target language. If more than one language is required, you may be able to have two consecutive interpreters at once.

Alternatively, if the target language is uncommon, you may want to consider video remote interpreting. This is when an interpreter works remotely via an online platform like Skype. Because boardroom meetings are generally smaller (both in space and attendance) VRI interpreting is a great option.

Event Planning for a Wedding Ceremony

Just because this kind of event planning is personal, not professional, doesn’t mean that there is no need for professional interpreting. Bilingual weddings are commonplace, and having an on-site interpreter during the ceremony and reception helps in bringing the two families closer together.

Once again, because this is a small, intimate event, consecutive interpreting should be your go to. When it comes to positioning the interpreter, they should be placed on stage along side the bride and groom and the officiator. Whether or not the interpreter will have their own microphone is entirely dependent on your budget. It would not be inappropriate to have the interpreter and officiator share the same microphone if arranging for a second is too difficult or too expensive.

Event Planning for a Conference

Planning a conference can get complicated. Attendance for these events normally run in the hundreds and upwards, with various nationalities represented, so planning conferences that require interpreting can be quite challenging.

You’ll have to do your homework — including determining the number of attendees who actually need interpreters as well as the size and layout of the venue — before contacting a language service provider.

Simultaneous interpreting is best suited for this kind of event, given the multiple language requirements and strict time constraints. This means you’ll also need to make arrangements for the necessary audio equipment, including interpreting booths for each of your linguists. You have the option of table-top or full-size interpreting booths. Table-top is easier to transport and setup, but isn’t soundproof, while full-size interpreting booths are fully soundproof, but are more difficult to setup. Each of the attendees that need interpreting will then receive headsets to wear during the program.

It’s also important that you factor in where these interpreting booths will be placed as well as where attendees will be stationed in relation to both the booths and the conference speakers.

How Accredited Language Can Help

If you’re an event planner organizing an event that requires interpreting services, don’t go at it alone. At Accredited Language, we’ll not only help determine the type of interpreting your event requires, but also source the equipment and the interpreters. We can even provide an audio engineer accustomed to dealing with event planning.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help ensure your next multilingual event runs without a hitch.

Call us at 1-800-322-0284 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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