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Event planning should always consider a multilingual audience, whether the event is a conference or a board meeting. Effective communication is key during these events, and you’re better able to get the message across if you’ve addressed any language barriers.

Arrangements have to be made for audio equipment, seating layouts and more. Look for a company that specializes in providing conference services.

Below I’ve listed a few common events and the setups they’d likely need for an effective interpreting service.

Event Planning for a Boardroom Meeting

You might be planning an event that hosts foreign executives from an offshore company, or representatives from one of your offices overseas. In either case, this small, intimate gathering will not require much in the way of equipment other than a microphone.

For a boardroom meeting, consecutive interpreting will work most efficiently. If more than one language is required, you may be able to have two consecutive interpreters at once.

Event Planning for a Wedding Ceremony

Just because this kind of event planning is personal, not professional, doesn’t mean that there is no need for interpreting. Bilingual weddings are commonplace, and having an on-site interpreter during the ceremony and reception would help in bringing the two families closer together.

Having the consecutive interpreter share the stage would be acceptable, and whether or not he would have his own microphone is entirely dependent on your budget.

Event Planning for a Conference

Planning a conference can get complicated. Attendance for these events normally run in the hundreds and upwards, with various nationalities represented, so planning conferences can be quite challenging.

You’ll have to do your homework, such as learning the number of attendees who actually need interpreters, before contacting a language service provider.

Simultaneous interpreting is best suited for this kind of event, given the multiple language requirements and strict time constraints. This means you’ll also need to make arrangements for the necessary audio equipment, including interpreting booths for each of your linguists.

You have the option of table-top or full-size interpreting booths. Table-top is easier to transport and erect, but isn’t soundproof, and full-size is fully soundproof but more difficult to set up. Each of the attendees that need interpreting will then receive headsets for them to wear during the program.

We Can Help!

Language service providers such as Accredited Language can source the equipment as well as the interpreter. We can even provide an audio engineer who is accustomed to dealing with event planning.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help ensure your next multilingual conference runs without a hitch.

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