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When selling and marketing medical technology around the world, properly translated medical equipment manuals allow healthcare providers to keep their patients healthy and happy.

And now, more than ever, these translated medical equipment manuals are playing a vital role in hospitals and clinics across the country and around the globe.

The reason for this? Due to COVID-19 work restrictions, when a piece of medical equipment breaks down, a repair man is no longer a simple call away. As a result, many hospital staffers are being tasked with performing repairs themselves.

Companies like iFixit are making medical equipment manuals available to hospitals and clinics through a massive online library. As reported by Mashable, “the company published over 13,000 repair manuals for surgical equipment, medical imaging tools, laboratory equipment, and much more.”

Crucial to the effectiveness of this effort is accurate translation. After all, accurately translated manuals for medical equipment not only ensure the proper operation and repair of equipment, but also serve to satisfy health and safety standards around the world.

By employing professional translators who are experts in the fields of technology and medicine, you can safeguard the health of patients being treated while also expanding your global marketing efforts.

Access New Markets for Your Medical Technology

If you want to expand into foreign markets, it’s important to have all of your product’s documentation translated into the proper languages. The operation manual for a medical device is arguably the most important piece of your medical equipment’s documentation — it not only describes the proper use of the equipment, but also frequently points out the potential dangers of its misuse.

A seemingly-simple mix-up in terminology could have dangerous — even lethal — results. That makes proper translation of equipment manuals all the more vital.

Each country has its own requirements regarding documentation for medical devices, so it’s usually necessary to meet these requirements before your product is allowed to enter the market at all. Once you’ve satisfied any legal obligations, you can begin implementing your advertising strategy.

By providing foreign markets with an accurately translated copy of your medical equipment’s manual, you can help it assimilate into that new market more swiftly. Particularly if you’re introducing new technology, having documentation that’s readily accessible helps to speed along the market’s acceptance of your product.

Build Trust in Your Company and Product

Customers are sometimes wary of new products, particularly if the intended audience is unsure how to operate them. This is especially relevant in the case of medical equipment, since its unsuccessful operation can lead to dire consequences regarding a patient’s health.

An accurate translation of your medical equipment’s manual can allay any uneasiness new markets may have about your technology and your brand.

By providing an easy-to-understand operating guide to your medical equipment, new markets will be more likely to recognize your brand’s expertise and professionalism and develop confidence in your products, which can lead to increased sales as word-of-mouth spreads.

How Accredited Language Can Help

Due to the importance of a well-written manual to the marketing and operation of medical equipment, you should make sure to employ only professional translators like those at Accredited Language.

Our experienced linguists are not only fluent in the source and target languages, but are also well-versed in the technical medical terms that make up medical equipment manuals. Their linguistic and technical expertise will help make sure your manual is translated in the most accurate way possible.

Contact Accredited Language today to learn how our experienced medical translators can help increase the marketing potential of and confidence in your brand.

Call us at 1-800-322-0284 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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Charlie Bavister
1 year ago

Medical translation is never easy and there are a lot of small things that need to be taken care off

Alex Marsh
1 year ago

Understanding all the medical terminologies is never easy. Accuracy here is a must and expert translation solve this problem. Thanks for sharing.