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Medical document translation is often necessary to provide proper care and treatment to patients who speak another language.

Health care professionals must be able to communicate effectively with patients, no matter what language they speak.

Effective communication is accomplished both by medical interpreting and by the translation of important medical documents, such as patient medical records, access documents, service agreements and post-discharge instructions.

Benefits of Translating Medical Documents

The translation of medical documents benefits both health care professionals and the patients they treat.

Doctors and nurses will be better informed about the state of their foreign patient’s health if they have translated health care records, for instance. Patients benefit as well, since they should always be aware of the details regarding any medical procedure they are undergoing.

There are a few medical translations every medical provider and patient should consider:

  • A basic patient medical history
  • Patient consent forms for medical procedures
  • Post-discharge instructions for patients

These documents contain valuable information that both patient and doctor need to know in order to help provide patients with the best care possible.

When You Need Rush or Certified Medical Translation

In some cases, it may be necessary to translate medical documents quickly. For example, if a patient has to undergo emergency surgery, a rush delivery translation of his or her medical history may be advised.

This allows doctors to be informed of any allergies, prior surgeries or pre-existing medical conditions the patient may have. In this case, an expedited medical translation can be a huge help, both to the treating physicians and to the patient under their care.

In some cases, medical documents may need a certified translation. For example, court proceedings that involve medical records may require that the translations of those records be certified in order to be admitted as evidence.

A professional translation company will be able to not only translate any necessary medical documentation, but also provide certification for those documents.

Why You Need a Professional for Medical Translation

Like bad prescription, the smallest mistake in medical translation can result in a dangerous situation.

A mix-up concerning something like medication dosage or patient allergies can lead to serious consequences. For this reason it’s best to trust medical translation to professional linguists like those at Accredited Language who are experts in the field of medical translation.

Translation in the health care field often involves technical medical terms that a layman will not know — if it wasn’t mentioned on “House” or “Grey’s Anatomy,” the general public doesn’t have much of a reference for medical terminology. By entrusting medical document translation to the professionals at Accredited Language who are fluent in medical terminology in both the source and target languages, mistakes and resulting mishaps will be easier to avoid.

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Sharon James
Sharon James
3 years ago

Very illuminating blog!! I would like to say that, Medical document translation is essential for the better understanding of patients overall case study. A professional translation can be helpful, both for the doctor and patient himself. Doctors can evaluate the disease patterns and ancestors medical history of the patients. There are many online document service providers, but to hire services of the experts and certified translators is essential.

Ryan jason
Ryan jason
2 years ago

Great information about the need for medical translation. This kind of information was useful. Keep sharing this.

Charlie Bavister
Charlie Bavister
1 year ago

I totally agree with your point. This is very helpful information and a must-read for awareness on Medical document translation. Thanks for sharing this article.