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It might not occur to many marketing professionals at first, but transcription services can be an essential tool for market research.

After all, many marketing campaigns barely begin without the resourceful and dynamic use of focus groups. But if you’ve ever dealt with a focus group, you know it can result in a lot of voices talking at once. When this happens, it can be extremely difficult to parse out the relevant and most insightful comments and questions. While you’re copying down what one participant said, you may miss the points raised by two others.

Even if you record your focus group, it can be extremely difficult — not to mention time-consuming — to try and separate each individual voice.

This is where transcription can save the day. By recording each focus group session and then having that recording professionally transcribed, you’ll never have to worry about missing a single word.

Focus groups are a valuable tool in a modern marketer’s arsenal, but unless you use professional transcription services along with them, you won’t be getting the most bang for your buck.

Reliable Records

By nature, focus groups can be lively, dynamic and ever-so-slightly chaotic. It can be hard to tell what’s going on, and who says what – even with a moderator. And listening to audio playback can be a huge challenge, especially if the group is large and they’re speaking on top of each other.

Using a transcription service can provide a cleaner and more organized account of a focus group session than would be available with just a raw recording. With a transcription, each spoken line is spelled out clearly in text.

Records are also more easily accessed and distributed via text than via video or audio. They’re much easier to review, too. Rather than scanning through a video’s timeline for a certain quote, you can just use the “find” function on your computer or even flip through a few pages if you make hard copy printouts.

Organized Market Data

Another advantage to using transcription services is that a focus group’s findings can easily be converted into a database of customer impressions. By working off a set format, the database can even incorporate multiple focus group sessions for a better sample population.

Market researchers can then search for any trends or recurring keywords. Once again you’ll find it’s easier to find common complaints, positive feedback, and more via text than by audio or video playback.

With this information in hand, marketers are in a better position to propose and implement product/marketing strategies.

Professional Transcription Saves You Time & Money

The transcription professionals at Accredited Language Services have offered fast and accurate transcription services since 1983. We can help ensure that any focus group meeting, no matter how raucous, is rendered in a clear and legible manner that is easy to access and archive.

If you are working with a client who is not based in the US or another country where English is the primary language, translation services can also be provided so that you can submit your report in your client’s language. And, when the time comes, advertising materials can also be translated.

So the next time you conduct a focus group session to test a new product or service, think about how you can maximize the information you receive. Enlisting a good transcription service is an important step toward gathering and recording accurate data.

Contact us today to learn how our transcription services can assist your marketing research efforts.

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