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Certified translations certainly sound official. But what exactly is a certified translation and when do you need one?

Certified translations are required for many documents submitted to legal entities like courts and government offices. Getting a certified translation means that you’re making the document a legal record.

They can also be used for companies or other institutions — like colleges and universities — that might need to use the documents as a record in legal settings.

When a document is certified, the completed translation and original copy are accompanied by a signed statement from the translator and then notarized. The statement attests to the accuracy and completeness of the translation.

If your document requires this “Certificate of Accuracy,” you need a certified translation.

When Do I Need a Certified Translation?

Certified translations aren’t just for courts or government offices. Individuals, law firms, banks, Fortune 500 companies, technology firms and many other institutions use certified translations on a regular basis.

Check out how all of these groups can use certified translations for their important materials:


Certified translations are often used for personal documents presented to courts or government offices.

Birth certificates, marriage licenses and death certificates all need to be translated and notarized to be accepted as legal records in the US.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services also require certified translations from individuals for documents including visas, immigration documents and customs forms.

Colleges & Universities

Often, educational institutions require certified translations of materials from international applicants. These documents can include transcripts and recommendations, as well as diplomas from previous degree programs.

Businesses & Corporations

For corporations with international offices, or for small businesses looking to increase their visibility on an international scale, certified translations can be a necessary step.

Financial reports, contracts and patent filing are only a few of the certified translations companies require to conduct business around the globe.

Businesses hiring internationally might need certified translations of specific materials from their applicants. Medical records, financial statements and passport translations can all be used to provide evidence of employment eligibility.

Legal Professionals

Law firms, private practices and other legal entities count on certified translations for evidentiary documents, legal summons, trial transcripts, and more.

How Accredited Language Can Help

Certified translations are valuable because they are officially recognized by governments and organizations throughout the US and abroad. This can diminish the possibility of fraud and can help give you something even more valuable — peace of mind.

For professional, certified translations you can trust, contact Accredited Language today. Our translations are available in 200+ language and dialects.

Call us at 1-800-322-0284 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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