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You not only have a great product, but also great packaging for that product, complete with an eye-catching design and sharp copy. But will all of that translate to other markets around the world?

Professional packaging translation services will help you sell your product in foreign markets and build worldwide recognition of your brand.

Packaging translation can:

1) Expand the Number of Markets for Your Product

For your product to achieve global success, you’ll need to introduce it into potentially lucrative new markets. Of course, you might have difficulty introducing your product to new customers if they can’t understand your product’s packaging.

When customers are introduced to a new product, they want to be presented with packaging that features engaging copy and noticeable design. By having your product’s packaging translated by a professional translation service, you can be more certain your product’s message will reach your target audience.

2) Build Worldwide Confidence in Your Brand

A major component of building your brand is the way you use packaging to present your product to customers. As it can often be the first impression a potential customer receives about your product, it’s important your packaging conveys the right message.

Accurate packaging translation helps ensure that your product makes the right first impression on new potential customers. Professional translation also can help your brand maintain a consistent message from market to market.

3) Localize Your Message for Multiple Markets

Presenting an image that’s both familiar and exciting is the key to building customer recognition of your product. Good packaging translation should make sure that your product’s packaging is tailored specifically for your target audience.

Localization and internationalization of your product’s packaging helps ensure your product is presented to your target audience in the way they’re most likely to understand it. Localization employs the proper terms and usage for a specific market and creates a familiar message for potential customers.

By using expert packaging translation, you’ll be more confident that potential customers won’t be confused by the message you’re trying to convey.

4) Protect You from Potential Pitfalls

Bad packaging translation can have other negative consequences aside from potential customers misunderstanding your product copy.

Packaging information that is technical, such as nutritional or medical information, needs to be accurate to comply with legal standards in other markets and instill trust in your brand. This is often necessary more than people realize — warnings on skin care products and nail polishes, for example, are equally important to warnings on aspirin.

Translated packaging that includes any warning labels can help protect your company from possible legal issues while also ensuring the safety of your customers.

How Accredited Language Can Help

Employing the service of a professional translation company like Accredited Language, which has the necessary technical expertise will help ensure that the details of your packaging are accurate. What’s more, professional translation can protect you from potential legal issues that may arise from bad product packaging translations obtained from less trustworthy companies or automated programs.

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