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Businesses and organizations around the world — from retail outlets to five-star restaurants to local charities — can benefit from professional brochure translation. If your company doesn’t already take advantage of this service, with the new year upon us now is a great time to start.

Whether it’s a pamphlet advertising the services of a Swiss spa or an informative brochure about a new American pharmaceutical product, a well-done, professional brochure translation can be an asset to all types of industries.

Reach a Multilingual Audience

Like press release translation, providing brochures in multiple languages opens up international markets, allowing a company to target new audiences around the world. The format of a brochure makes it an ideal medium for sharing detailed information with a large number of people. If a brochure is available in only one language, however, the number of people whom it will be useful to — and the impact it will subsequently have — will be limited.

Professional brochure translation allows companies to share information with speakers of many different languages, reaching a much bigger audience than they would with a uni-lingual document. Additionally, as many companies are now creating digital brochures and making them available online, brochure translation is more important than ever before.

Traditionally, organizations had to produce and distribute paper brochures, but that’s no longer the only option. With online brochure translation, companies can reach an ever greater number of people. And as a bonus, digital brochures save time and money by eliminating pricey printing costs and the need to distribute physical copies.

Industries That Translation Benefits the Most

Travel & Tourism

A major component of the travel industry is the use of brochures in order to attract more business. Hotels, spas, theme parks, and museums all commonly translate their brochures, catalogs, and other tourism literature. This allows them to share details about their features, prices, and perks with future customers from all over the world.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company marketing a new drug or a healthcare provider trying to reach a multilingual neighborhood, brochure translation can prove extremely helpful when it comes to communicating. Prospective patients will be able to glean valuable information regarding treatment and procedures, while you can rest assured that a language barrier isn’t standing in the way of proper medical care.

Startups & Global Service Providers

No matter how many years your company has been in business, if you’re catering towards an international consumer base — globally or locally — you need to invest in brochure translation. It’s the fastest, easiest way to disburse information about your product or service to your audience, without sacrificing clarity.

Tips for Brochure Translation

When you’re ready to invest in brochure translation, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

For starters, make sure your original document is properly formatted for text expansion. Text expansion is a common issue that arises during marketing translation as you go from one language to another. For example, if your original document is in English, but you want to translate it to German, you can expect about a 30 percent increase in text. Don’t let your message get cut short.

You should also consider the colors used on your brochure. Some markets have negative connotations with certain colors. In China, for instance, white is a color associated with funerals while red is considered lucky. It’s a good idea to do a bit of research on each target audience ahead of time so you don’t make a simple, but costly, mistake.

And be aware of any idioms used in your brochure. Phrases like “the early bird catches the worm,” won’t necessarily be understood by audiences whose native language isn’t English. A good rule of thumb is to avoid using any idioms in your translated copy. When preparing copy for translation, adapt your original text accordingly.

How Accredited Language Can Help

Brochure translation can benefit all types of companies and industries — but only if it’s done right! Since they often serve as a type of marketing material, brochures must be translated by expert linguists who are not only fluent in the languages involved, but also have the writing skills to create great marketing content. That’s where we come in.

In addition to having linguistic talent and a way with words, our professional brochure translators are well-versed in the field they are working in. This results in better, bolder, and more marketable brochure translations. We also offer localization services, ensuring that not only the words of your translated brochure resonate with your new target audiences, but also the graphics, symbols, color scheme, and references.

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