By: Patrick On: September 17, 2019 In: Banking & Finance, Translation Comments: 0

Currency translation is an oft-overlooked aspect of document translation. When you focus on translating only the text, you might forget that currency figures can have a significant effect on the document's impact.

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By: Autumn On: March 19, 2019 In: Banking & Finance, Languages, Localization Comments: 0

Banks of all sizes can reach out to their communities by providing some level of localization based on the area's specific needs.

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By: Doug On: September 7, 2016 In: Banking & Finance, Translation Comments: 1

Whether you're representing your employer or making a personal transaction, financial translation services are essential when conducting business internationally.

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By: Ronen On: August 26, 2016 In: Banking & Finance, Technology, Translation Comments: 3

Would you feel comfortable using an ATM in a foreign language? Chances are you wouldn't, so why would you expect your customers to?

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By: Alison On: August 17, 2016 In: Banking & Finance, Translation Comments: 0

Whether translation of a finance document is needed for an official purpose or simply for personal records, there is no room for error in the world of finance translation.

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