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Whether selling California Cabernet around the world or German Riesling here in the United States, accurate translation plays an important part in marketing and selling wine.

By using professional translation services for wine labels, promotional materials and websites, wine makers and distributors can effectively advertise to potential customers — whether they are first-time wine-tasters or seasoned sommeliers — wherever their product is sold.

Make the Right Impression

When customers are shopping for wine, often the label on the bottle is the only piece of information they have regarding the contents inside.

So it’s important to write compelling copy espousing the virtues of your vino, and also to ensure that all that information is understood.

Since fine wines are created, sold and appreciated around the world, accurate label translation can do a great deal to help your wine stand out to potential buyers. By supplying information in multiple languages, you can accurately describe the subtle tastes and characteristics of your wine to customers from a variety of linguistic backgrounds.

Uncorking Worldwide Opportunities

When you’re trying to sell your product to wine enthusiasts around the globe, it’s important to have an informational resource that’s available to them in their language. That’s why a professionally-translated website is a great tool for advertising to potential customers in other countries.

Your website can serve as a resource for customers wanting to learn more about your product and your company — but only if they can understand it. Having accurately-translated versions of your website available will not only help expose your brand to international attention, but also signal to new customers that you’re willing to accommodate their needs.

What’s more, a properly-translated site can help you make sales. Whether you have online ordering available or simply wish to provide a list of distributors, your customers can’t buy your wine if they can’t find it.

Localization Adds a Note of Authenticity

Competing in multiple markets around the world means you have to do all you can to make sure your advertising efforts have the greatest possible impact on potential customers in each market. Localization of your message, in addition to translation, can do just that.

Localization can craft your message so it is relevant to each market. While certain tasting notes about your wine or historical facts about your vineyard may not carry the same weight in every locale, localization presents a product in the best light, from culturally-appropriate color schemes and images to injecting the proper local flavor into your ad copy.

Professional Translation Squeezes Out Greater Results

Because the wine industry is so vast and competitive, you should take every possible step to ensure you’re presenting your product in the most effective manner. One way to do this is by working with a professional translation company like Accredited Language. When performed by experts, translation helps make sure your product and company stand out in international markets.

Our experienced translators employ not only linguistic expertise when translating your wine labels and/or website, but also their technical expertise in the industry. Contact Accredited Language today to start advertising and selling your wine products in markets all around the world.

Call us at 1-800-322-0284 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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